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Payment Methods


It is 50% of the price of the tour that you are going to make through our accounts in PayPal, interbank, and western union. The other half of 50% is full cash payment in our offices.

For more information write us in our emails:info@incadventours.com, reserva@incadventours.com or to our phones on whatsapp to numbers +51 993 853904 o +51 944 259 579 we will be attentive to your questions / doubts.


  1. You must indicate the tour that will be done through our emails and telephone lines.
  2. We will proceed with the issuance of your invoice that will arrive to your email with the amount and the tour that you booked.
  3. It is very important that you make your payments in 48 business hours after receiving the email.


Get the information you need from the receiver:
Make sure that our collection manager issues all the data required to make the transfer

  1. The full name and address of the person, or our company.
  2. The name and address of the bank to which the money will be sent.
  3. Account number.
  4. Interbank Account Code (ICC).
  5. Swift Code.
  6. You may need more instructions depending on the bank you could attach a number or a name.


  1. Choose an agency near your location
  2. Complete the money transfer form with all the required information.
  3. Complete the recipient information
  4. Pay the amount indicated by the recipient in cash or with debit card
  5. Get your receipt with the transaction number and send it to your recipient

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